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Our Service is Unique

For the past 25 years Trace Element Services has been the only company in the United Kingdom to scientifically tackle trace element depletion from the ground up.

Most importantly of all, we formulate all land dressings according to the precise needs of each client. Added to this is our back-up service: the opportunity for clients to contact the company at any time for advice and guidance whenever needed.

We do not produce a standardised, ‘off the shelf’ product! The initial visit to a farm, by one of our consultants, is a free service.

A standard Trace Element Garden Mix is available by post. The mix is specially designed to restore the balance of the trace elements in your garden. The mix is easy to apply and the effect should last for several years.

Customer Feedback

Dairy and Sheep Farmer, Mr Eyton, Cumbria

Writing in the national press about his experiences with trace element land treatment on 600 acres, he said:

‘The effect has been impressive, with noticeably improved grass growth and, specifically, the improved thrift of the sheep – we have fewer losses and improved live weight gains’.

‘The dairy cows have shown an improvement in coat colour and general health and mastitis cases were reduced dramatically’.

‘Other spin-offs include an increase in heifer calves, and reduced calf mortality and lameness’.

Sheep Farmer, Mr Rees, Powys

‘Our lambing used to take 6 to 8 weeks, with too many mal-presentations and ‘dozy’ lambs reluctant to suck. It was usual to have 60 prolapses among 500 ewes.

Since treating the land with trace elements, everything has changed.

We have been down to as few as 3 prolapses and one mal-presnetation. The ewe gestation period has gone up from 140 to 147 days. The lambs are fitter and stronger and lambing is all over in 3 weeks.

We also have much more grass available from less fertiliser. The use of trace element land treatment has been on tremendous benefit.

Sheep Farmer, Mr Williams, Carmarthenshire

It is now 10 years since we treated our pastures with trace elements. Before treating our lambs lost condition at weaning and needed worming every 3 weeks but never reached the right size and weight to finish.

Since the trace elements, we worm the occasional lamb with dirty back ends and have not touched the ewes for 10 years. Their feet are always in good shape, their teeth last and they shear well and lamb losses are negligible.

We did use 3 bags of Nitrogen per acre: now we do no need any and the stock are never short of forage.

Sheep Farmer, Mr Hodgson, Yorkshire

Our margins were dropping, even though we were feeding at £8 per ewe per year. Only 20% of lambs were finishing off grass and too many good lambs were dying come the autumn. We injected with vitamin B12, but within 10 days we were back to square one. The ewes had normal minerals but without much effect, so we tried cobalt and copper boluses, but there was no improvement whatsoever. After treating the land with trace elements, the margin per ewe rose by £11 to £37.25. We need no convincing that treating our land with trace elements saved our sheep enterprise.

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