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About us

We provide a unique and specialised service for the long term correction and adjustment of trace element imbalances in the soils and pastures of livestock farms.

After over thirty years of experience and research, we are able to resolve most trace element problems.

Pasture treatments are only formulated after a detailed examination of farm management, symptoms of stock and the analysis of soils or forage.

Each farm prescription is tailor made and can be easily applied to the land.

Our services include:

1. An initial visit to a farm to assess the extent of a suspected problem.

2. Detailed investigations of the mineral status of a farm including examination of

    stock and pastures and the history of any difficulties.

3. The analysis of soils or forage, to confirm the preliminary investigation.

    A written and verbal report is made with recommendations for long term     management.

4.The provision of trace element pasture treatment formulated to suit individual farm    analysis.

Our Service is Unique

For the past 25 years Trace Element Services has been the only company in the United Kingdom to scientifically tackle trace element depletion from the ground up.

Most importantly of all, we formulate all land dressings according to the precise needs of each client. Added to this is our back-up service: the opportunity for clients to contact the company at any time for advice and guidance whenever needed.

We do not produce a standardised, ‘off the shelf’ product! The initial visit to a farm, by one of our consultants, is a free service.

A standard Trace Element Garden Mix is available by post. The mix is specially designed to restore the balance of the trace elements in your garden. The mix is easy to apply and the effect should last for several years.