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Our Service is Unique

For the past 25 years Trace Element Services has been the only company in the United Kingdom to scientifically tackle trace element depletion from the ground up.

Most importantly of all, we formulate all land dressings according to the precise needs of each client. Added to this is our back-up service: the opportunity for clients to contact the company at any time for advice and guidance whenever needed.

We do not produce a standardised, ‘off the shelf’ product! The initial visit to a farm, by one of our consultants, is a free service.

A standard Trace Element Garden Mix is available by post. The mix is specially designed to restore the balance of the trace elements in your garden. The mix is easy to apply and the effect should last for several years.


Have you considered trace elements?

Over thirty years of research and experience have shown that trace elements are essential for all soils.

How do we know?

Because Trace Elements Services was the company which first calculated and supplied trace element pasture treatment based on their own research and development.

What are trace elements?

The term trace elements is used to define the quantity of certain minerals (copper, cobalt, zinc, selenium, manganese, iodine)

How do they function?

The major function of trace elements is maintaining the health and thrift of livestock.

Why the growing need?

In recent years, farmland has shown a serious shortage of trace elements.

This is due to a variety of reasons, such as the use of more fertilisers, heavy liming, frequent re-seeding of pastures and the frequent harvesting of fodder and silage.

Which element is deficient?

Animals grazing trace element deficient grass over a long period of time will show deficiency symptoms. It is difficult to take corrective measures without knowing the trace element contents of soils and grass.

One way of determining which elements are deficient is by the laboratory analysis of soils and forage.

Good nutrition for your stock begins with

good grass

Trace Elements

for Grass

A basic mix provides - Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine and Manganese

Correction and Prevention

The results obtained from analysis indicate how much of a particular element is available to the animal in the grass.

We believe corrective measures should be approached from a natural standpoint, whereby defined proportions of trace elements are present in a constant and balanced supply, from soil, through pasture to the animal.